Latest release of Spider Project: 23.08.017 Date: 05.12.2023

Functional Features of different Spider Project versions

Function Professional Desktop Plus Desktop Lite
Project scheduling based on work volumes and resource productivities
Resource Critical Path calculations and resource constrained floats
Four scheduling methods (standard, detailed, optimization, previous version support)
(only optimization and previous version support)
Schedule optimization taking into account financial and supply constraints
Skill scheduling
Independent resource assignment and shift work simulation
Multi-resources (crews)
Variable resource load with optimization
Earned Value Analysis
Simulation of income and production
Overload cost
Variable cost of money, materials, resources
Risk simulation and buffer management
Calculation of probabilities to meet target parameters
Success probability trends calculation
Simulation of resource production
Unlimited number of WBS and RBS
Resource, Material and Cost Centers
Ability to compare any two project versions
Unlimited number of project versions
Report templates Editor
Monitoring system
Project Fragnets Library
User defined Filters
Script language
Three types of Network Diagram
Gantt Charts for Works and Resources
Resource Histograms
Cost and Material Histograms and Charts
Time-location chart with performance animation
Tabular Reports
Ability to create project databases
Multi-project and portfolio management
Group work using local area network and Internet
Access rights
Monitoring data distribution and consolidation
Notifying managers and resources about work start and finish
Export / import to and from CSV, MS Project XML, Primavera XER
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