Latest release of Spider Project: 23.08.017 Date: 05.12.2023
Price List

Spider Project Professional

Licence NumberPrice
First$ 4000
Second$ 3700
Third$ 3300
From 4th to 6th$ 3000
From 7th to 10th$ 2700
From 11th to 15th$ 2300
From 16th to 25th$ 2150
From 26th$ 2000

Spider Project Desktop Plus

Licence NumberPrice
From 1st to 5th$ 2000
From 6th to 15th$ 1850
From 16th to 40th$ 1650
From 41th$ 1500

Desktop Plus version differs from Professional by the following: multiproject management, financial and supplies levelling are not supported.

Spider Project Desktop (one user version)

Licence NumberPrice
From 1st to 5th$ 1500
From 6th to 15th$ 1350
From 16th to 40th$ 1150
From 41th$ 1000

Desktop version differs from Desktop-Plus by the following: monitoring data distribution and consolidation through the documents, notifying managers and resources about work start and finish, access rights are not supported.

Spider Project Lite (simplified version)

$ 750
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