Latest release of Spider Project: 23.08.017 Date: 05.12.2023
Data Sheet

Spider Project is an integrated tool that includes everything that is useful for advanced project, program and portfolio management.

 Spider Project Datasheet [A4, 2 pages, 54kb]



  • Unlimited Number of Activities, Resources, Dependencies, Calendars, etc.
  • Everything is unlimited


  • Unlimited Number of PBS, WBS, OBS, RBS, MBS, CBS
  • Unlimited Number of Levels in All Structures


  • Unlimited Number of Cost Components and Currencies
  • Multiple costs for same activities and resources
  • Calculated Cost Components
  • Cost Centers
  • Separate Discounting Rates for Cost Components
  • Cost Periods

Calendars Activities

  • Activity, Resource, Dependency Lag Calendars
  • Duration and Productivity Driven, Hammocks, Milestones, Switches
  • Continuous, Splitable, Scalable, ASAP/ALAP
  • Activity Costs (fixed, per work hour, per work unit)


  • FS, SS, FF, SF with Lead/Lags
  • Strict and Double Dependencies
  • Time and Volume Lags
  • Multiple Links between two activities

Resources (renewable)

  • Resource Costs and Material Consumption per work hour
  • Resource Crews (Multiresources)
  • Resource Skills
  • Resource Centers
  • Resource Production and Consumption

Resource Assignments

  • Resource, Multiresource and Skill Assignments
  • Resource Assignment Productivities
  • Resource Assignment Costs (fixed, per work hour, per work unit)
  • Resource Assignment Material Consumption (fixed, per work hour, per work unit)
  • Partial and Variable Resource Assignments


  • Material Costs
  • Material Centers
  • Material Production and Consumption

User Defined Fields

  • Any number of User Defined Fields
  • Any Formulae for UDF Calculation
  • User Defined Graphical Indicators (Street Lights)

Corporate Reference-books (Databases)

  • Standard Resource Crews
  • Resource and Crews Productivities on Typical Assignments
  • Material Consumption per Work Unit for Typical Activities and Assignments
  • Work Unit Costs for Typical Activities and Assignments
  • Any Other
  • Typical Fragment Library

Project Scheduling

  • Critical Path Method
  • Quantity Based Scheduling
  • Conditional Scheduling
  • Forward and Backward Scheduling
  • Free Float, Total Float, Super Float, DRAG
  • Shift Work Simulation

Resource Leveling

  • Resource Constrained Schedule Optimization
  • Resource Critical Path (Critical Chain) Calculation
  • Resource Constrained Schedule Stabilization
  • Material Constrained Scheduling
  • Cost Constrained Scheduling
  • Project, Phase and Activity Priorities
  • Skill Scheduling with User Defined Resource Priorities
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Activity Resource Constrained Floats
  • Resource Assignment Floats

Project / Portfolio Budgeting

  • Multiple Budgets with Multiple Cost Components and Multiple Currencies
  • Simulation of both Financing and Expenses
  • Project / Portfolio Cash Flow Calculation with Discounting
  • NPV, IRR and Payback Period Calculation for Projects and Portfolios

Risk Simulation

  • Optimistic, Most Probable and Pessimistic Scenarios
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase Duration Probability Curves
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase Budget Probability Curves
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase Material Consumption Probability Curves
  • Meeting Target Dates and Budgets Probabilities
  • Setting Reliable Project / Portfolio Time and Cost Buffers
  • Critical Schedule Calculation


  • Any Filter on Project / Portfolio Fields and Hierarchical Sorting
  • Activities without Predecessors and without Successors
  • Activity Predecessors/Successors
  • Selected Dependencies


  • Formulae that may link any fields and cells including UDF
  • Recursive Formulae

Project Schedule and Budget

  • Project Archives
  • Any Number of Project / Portfolio Baselines
  • Trends of Project / Portfolio Parameters
  • Comparing Any Two Versions of Project / Portfolio
  • Earned Value Analysis for Costs, Volumes of Work, Materials, UDF
  • Trends of Earned Value Data

Risk Analysis

  • Current Probabilities to Meet Project Targets and Success Probability Trends
  • Project Time and Cost Buffers Penetration Analysis

Graphic Reports

  • Project, Activity, Resource and Material Gantt Charts
  • PBS, WBS and RBS Org Charts
  • Network Diagrams
  • Linear Diagram (Time-Location Chart)
  • Portfolio, Project and Phase S-curves
  • Cost Histograms and Cash Flows
  • Resource Histograms
  • Resource Overload Bar
  • Material Histograms and Material Flows
  • User Defined Fields Histograms
  • Probability Curves
  • Portfolio / Project Truncation
  • Earned Value Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Portfolio / Project Parameter Trends Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Out of Sequence Activities Report
  • Success Probability Trends Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Trends of Any Parameter Graphical and Tabular Reports
  • Comparative Portfolio, Project, Activity, Resource, and Material Gantt Charts
  • Comparative Linear Diagram
  • Performance Reports for Any Time Interval

Tabular Reports

  • Any tabular report on planned and actual portfolio, project, phase, activity, resource, material, cost data and user defined fields for any period, including user defined
  • Script Language
  • Multiple Project and Portfolio Configurations
  • Unlimited Undo’s and Protocol of Actions
  • Performance Archives
  • Portfolio and Project Access Rights
  • Search and Replace
  • Customizable Report and Print Templates
  • Conditional Gantt Chart bar colors
  • Time Scale from minutes to years
  • Work with Multiple Windows
  • Export/Import to/from Excel, Text, MS Project xml, Primavera xer, mpx, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases
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